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Visa Approved, Yet to be Issued

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After several attempts of reaching the consulate by phone yesterday and concluding that the phone system was down, I emailed the Consulate office this morning. I called after sending the email and the phone system was up. The point of calling was to check the status of the application. The woman on the other end was nice, but she refused to give me any information until a week before departure, December 29. She also reiterated from previous calls (made before I applied for the visa) that I applied with only about four weeks until departure. 

About an hour later I got a response from my email. It confirmed that the phones were down. But the exciting part was that they went ahead and told me that the application was “approved,” but not yet issued and to call or email back next week.

With Christmas and New Year’s Day on Thursdays this year, in addition to the usual Thanksgiving Thursday, I have come to dread holidays. I feel like this whole process needs as many days as possible and every second is valuable, so having a whole day of nothing being processed and dealt with seems possibly detrimental.

At least the application has been approved. My hope and outlook did a complete one-eighty this morning after getting the email.


Written by Jeff

December 19, 2008 at 12:06 am

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