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Student Visa Shipped!

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According to the tracking number I have for my express mail envelop , my passport and visa are on their way home and should arrive Saturday or Monday!

What a relief! I’ll be ecstatic once I have it in my possession. Crying will probably occur.

I was planning on going to Washington on Monday, and Tuesday and Wednesday if need be. If it had come to it, I was going to practically beg for my visa. And if I didn’t have it by Tuesday, I was going to retrieve my passport sans visa on Wednesday so I could do the January ISA Spanish course that I already paid for without continuing on to Valencia for the spring semester.

I can’t believe it’s shipped and on its way! When I called Tuesday to check the status, I was told it wouldn’t be issued until next week, or the week after, when I’m to be in Spain. This is the best late Christmas present ever!

I’ll post a photo of it with my new lens once I have it in my hands.


Written by Jeff

December 27, 2008 at 2:34 am

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