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I have a Apartment!

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This weekend was successful and productive. On Saturday I contacted a woman who rents apartments, who I knew of through a past participant of the UMBC/UPV exchange. I was surprised that she understood me so well and that I understood her enough to know when and where to meet her. My mentor, Carmen, her friend Raquel and I met the woman outside the first apartment she was going to show me. It had four rooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room. After checking out the first apartment we visiting another one around the corner. It was nice, but the long hallway to the bathroom wasn’t that appealing. The first apartment ended up being the one I chose, mainly because the room had bright light and it was pretty large. It has everything included (gas, wifi, electricity, water) for €320/month. I will be sharing the living room, kitchen, and bathroom with three other people, another guy, and two girls.

After we were done apartment hunting, I went back to my hotel to do some birthday skyping. It’s so nice to live with technology that can make it seem like you’re feet away, instead of a continent away.

Hotel Solvasa

Later, around 10, I made my way over to my mentor’s place, where we had a yummy dinner of “Spanish Omelet,” sausage, pizza, and some sort of meat, I think pork. We also had a homemade birthday cake!


Happy Birthday Jefe

On the way back to my hotel I snapped some other pics:

Pizza Hut in Valencia

My future street:
Calle de los Santos Justo y Pastor (My new street)

I think this booth is for buying lottery tickets


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January 18, 2009 at 4:58 pm

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