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Catedral and Capilla Real Visit

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On Friday afternoon, I went on a tour of Granada’s Cathedral and Royal Chapel with ISA (my program company for the January intensive month). The cathedral is huge, with ginormous columns and a large dome.

There’s some interesting aspects of the Royal Chapel. The coffins of the Catholic Monarchs, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, and those of daughter Queen Juana la loca (the crazy) and her husband and child are on display underground. Cameras weren’t allowed in the Royal Chapel, but they were in the Cathedral, surprisingly.

Click below to see of the cathedral and more…

Catedral de Granada

Catedral de Granada

Catedral de Granada
I believe this guy on the horse is St. James. I definitely remember he slayed moors. There are still people in Spain with the last name of Moor Slayer or Matamoros in Spanish.

Electric Candles in the Catedral de Granada
Not even real candles

Other photos from the day…
Granada Architecture

Plaza Isabel la Catolica
This depicts Christopher Columbus getting permission to sail to the new world, though he didn’t know it was new.


Granada Grafiti
Graffiti is a big problem in Granada, but it’s possible to get a permit and be allowed to do it in certain areas

Picachu Waiting to Cross

El Rey de los Burgers
El Rey de los Burgers

City Center
City center

Palacio del Congreso
Palacio del Congreso

High School Musical comes to Granada
High School Musical comes to Granada

Mercadona Perro
Grocery Store Perro

View all photos from Granada by clicking here


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January 25, 2009 at 4:33 am

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