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Classes Begin (sort of)/Cooking Dinner

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This week I’ve been attempting to get schedule straightened out. I won’t know if I get the classes I want until February 16. I’ve attended three classes so far. On Tuesday I went to Foundations of Animations, which was partially in English. Since it was heavy on drawing, I didn’t really want to spend the semester doing that. Today I went to Conservation and Restoration of Sculpture and Painting and Photography. The conservation and restoration class wasn’t in English as it was advertised. One of the students knew English and helped me and my fellow foreign exchange student – from Finland – to understand what the professor was attempting to tell us. He said that it was a difficult class for Spanish students so it would be pretty hard for us if we didn’t speak much Spanish, but if we wanted to stay we could. I chose not to. I wonder why the course listing on the Internet would show it being in English if it’s not. In the Painting and Photography class, which is in Spanish (you’d think this is Spain or something!), I found out my mentor and her friends are also in the class. I hope I get to stay in the class after the 16th.

I’ve taken photos of my dinners for the past three days (I know, a bit silly, just practicing my food photography skills):

Photos moved to Culinary Creations page. Click the link in the upper right to check out the photos.


Written by Jeff

February 5, 2009 at 3:18 pm

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