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Lazy Sunday, domingo perezoso

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It’s been a gray day in Valencia today. Most days seem to fly by; It’s a bit of a surprise that it’s the middle of February already. Today I’m about a forth of my way through my time abroad. (January through February 15, the rest of February and March, April to the middle of May, the rest of May and June).

Today I’ve just been hanging out, doing laundry and making sure my schedule is in order. Tomorrow I’ll find out if I’ve been approved for the classes I’ve asked for. The Spanish higher education system (at least the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia’s system) is an interesting, and, most of the time, frustrating thing.

I had what I like to call a potato cake for lunch today. I’m not sure what the actual name is, but I like to call it that in English. (Update: I checked the name of the potato patty on it’s packaging. It’s called a tortilla de patata) The hotdogs and cheese slices on top are the pièce de résistance. For a snack I slathered some toast with nutella and threw on some peanuts. Eating at its healthiest! I plan on getting out and sampling some seafood very soon. Maybe some seafood paella?

Photos of today’s culinary creations below…

Potato Cake with Hotdogs and Cheese

Potato Cake with Hotdogs and Cheese
I’ll be sure to buy some more vegetables soon!

Peanut and Nutella on Toast
My Nutella and peanut creation


Written by Jeff

February 15, 2009 at 10:28 am

Posted in Food, Spain, Valencia

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