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L’Oceanogràfic and L’Hemisferic Visit

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On Saturday I finally visited Valencia’s aquarium, L’Oceanogràfic. It’s stated that the aquarium is Europe’s largest. In comparison to the National Aquarium in Baltimore, this aquarium seemed slightly larger. In contrast, L’Oceanogràfic is subterranean and visiting different exhibits requires the visitor to walk from point to point outside, which on a beautiful Valencian day is no problem. The aquarium’s tanks are organized into categories like the Arctic, Mediterranean, and Temperate and Tropical. The aquarium also features an outdoor dolphin show, and a sea lion exhibit.

As part of the City of Arts and Sciences complex of attractions, combination tickets are offered, so I took advantage of that, along with my fifteen percent student discount, and bought a ticket for the IMAX film about ancient Egypt at the L’Hemisferic. L’Hemisferic is the half-circle like building I’ve taken many a photo of. All in all it was a good film, but sitting near the stairs, to the side is not such a great location, mostly because the screen is actually a very curved wall that distorts the image.

Take a look at photos from my weekend at the City of Arts and Sciences by clicking the link below the photo.




Horse of the Sea


Fish Tunnel


Colorful Fish

Fish Menagerie

Fish Menagerie
My favorite photo from my visit

Looking at the Fish



Shark Anatomy
Shark anatomy

Sea Lions
I never realized how much a sea lion actually looks like a lion.


Beluga whale

Dolphin Show at L'Oceanografic

Dolphin Show at L'Oceanografic

Dolphin Show at L'Oceanografic

Dolphin Show at L'Oceanografic


L’Oceanogràfic architecture

L'Oceanografic Architecture

Igloo in Valencia
The Igloo

Flamingos at L'Oceanografic



After I finished at L’Oceanogràfic, I tried, for the first time, some orxata. I learned to enjoy it as I drank it, but at first it tasted really cornstarchy (at least that’s what I think cornstarch tastes like.


Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia

L'Hemisferic & Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia
L’Hemisferic & Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia

Inside L'Hemisferic
Inside L’Hemisferic

Inside L'Hemisferic
Inside L’Hemisferic


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May 3, 2009 at 3:23 pm

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