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Written by Jeff

December 27, 2008 at 1:23 pm

Student Visa Shipped!

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According to the tracking number I have for my express mail envelop , my passport and visa are on their way home and should arrive Saturday or Monday!

What a relief! I’ll be ecstatic once I have it in my possession. Crying will probably occur.

I was planning on going to Washington on Monday, and Tuesday and Wednesday if need be. If it had come to it, I was going to practically beg for my visa. And if I didn’t have it by Tuesday, I was going to retrieve my passport sans visa on Wednesday so I could do the January ISA Spanish course that I already paid for without continuing on to Valencia for the spring semester.

I can’t believe it’s shipped and on its way! When I called Tuesday to check the status, I was told it wouldn’t be issued until next week, or the week after, when I’m to be in Spain. This is the best late Christmas present ever!

I’ll post a photo of it with my new lens once I have it in my hands.

Written by Jeff

December 27, 2008 at 2:34 am

Plane Tickets Purchased

leave a comment » finally came back alive this morning, after being offline since early Wednesday morning. I would recommend StudentUniverse if you’re a student and need plane tickets. They had the cheapest I could find. Since no flights were available (at least this morning) for Tuesday, January 6 from Washington to Madrid, I went with a flight taking off on Monday. All flights are on Iberia, the national airline of Spain.

My itinerary:

  • Washington DC to Chicago, leaving at 3pm
  • Chicago to Madrid, overnight
  • Madrid to Granada around noon, Central European Time

Don’t ask me why the flight goes from Washington to Chicago, then to Madrid. Why doesn’t the flight go from Chicago to Washington to Madrid? 

Since I’ll be arriving a day earlier than expected, I reserved a room at Hotel Carlos V in central Granada for Tuesday night.

The only thing I need now is my passport with my student visa. I dreamt last night that I was holding it in my hands. That dream needs to come true!

Written by Jeff

December 4, 2008 at 11:05 pm